Mini MIRI® Incubator

DESCRIPTION: The Mini MIRI® Incubator is a humidified incubator based on the trusted MIRI® chamber design that ensures a stable culture environment.


  • Two independent MIRI® chambers, with precise temperature and gas regulation: Opening a chamber does not affect the environment in the other chamber.

  • Built-in humidity sensor for accurate and continuous readings

  • Easy access to water bottle for refilling and maintaining water level.

  • Heated chamber lids prevent condensation, enhance temperature regulation/recovery, and ensure temperature uniformity between the top and bottom of the chamber.

  • Temperature recovery <1 min

  • gas recovery <3 mins.

  • Works with premix gas or 100% CO2 gas, with NDIR CO2 sensor to regulate CO2 levels.

  • HEPA-VOC gas filtration system ensure clean gas recirculation

  • Gas sampling ports for each chamber and independent PT-1000 sensors allow external quality evaluation of gas levels and temperature in each chamber.

  • Large easy to read LED display and easy to navigate menu.

  • Heating optimization

  • Continually monitors and documents gas flow, gas concentration and pressure, temperature and humidity regulation.

  • Audible alarms for out of range parameters, with alarm logs documented in the Data Logger.

  • Optional SAFE Sens integration for continuous pH monitoring without opening the chamber.